Lighting Customization Adds Value To Lighting Design


       No glare, none flicker, less blue light, it seems it is the popular understanding of healthy lighting. Recently, at a China LED Lighting Conference, one well-known listed company launched different types of lighting products, such as ecological luminaire, rhythmic luminaire, sleep luminaire and focal luminaire. It promotes healthy lighting to a new level.

In fact, for the healthy development of light, we believe that there are at least three stages: the first stage is to achieve flicker free and no glare. The second stage is to achieve rhythmic human illumination by combining human science with sunlight or natural light. The third stage is to have a thorough understanding of the light code, master the light formula, and make reasonable use of the light intelligent technology. Thus, customized lighting could be for different people, different times and different places.

There is no doubt that customized lighting is the pursue direction to an excellent lighting designer. However, how to achieve scientific and reasonable lighting customization and how to use lighting customization to increase the value of design luminaires? It is really Worthy of serious consideration in the lighting designing field.

We found that many people have a different understanding of healthy lighting. Lighting designers are no exception. Up to now, there still have a lot of stylist to think so called "lighting customization", using different lamps and lanterns namely, shaping different shadow...etc.

On the one hand, light is really the magician of space and it is the designer's natural mission to use different lights to shape different views of space.How to use light to design space charm? You need to use artistic techniques. Some areas need to be bright, some areas need to be dimming. Some areas require focal lighting, while others require auxiliary lighting. Some articles need large area irradiation, some articles need focal irradiation... etc. Different lamps are indeed adopted to achieve preliminary "light customization". 

On the other hand, the "customization of light" design method above is only the surface expression of light, rather than the essential expression of light. What is the nature of light? It's what we call a "light code." A luminaire is only a tool for carrying the mode of illumination of the light. The light source is the carrier of the essence of light.Light customization, starting from the light source and ending from the luminaire. Therefore, only by fully understanding the light code, designing different light formulations for the concrete space, controlling and displaying them in a reasonable and scientific light intelligent way, can we truly "customize the light" and multiply the value of designers' works.

An excellent design luminaire can not be separated from excellent customization of light! An excellent light customization is inseparable from the designer's understanding of light code and light formula, the reasonable arrangement of light intelligent control and the scientific development of corresponding lamps.

FocusonLed Team will fight for the Lighting Customization.



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